Meet the Owners

Jerry and Ann England have an agreement about their children, they all have tails. This is what happens when two animal lovers get together. Both have had dogs and cats and other assorted pets all their lives. After marriage (combining all their dogs and cats) they began a small hobby of breeding parrots and quickly discovered even the shortest vacation away from home was difficult, because they could not move all their birds to boarding and for that matter who would take them, plus it would cost a small fortune for their dogs and cats. After searching for someone to stay in the home without luck they decided to make their situation a benefit to other pet owners. Since they could not go anywhere why not help other people in the same situation.

Jerry is a former law enforcement officer with a great deal of background in crime prevention. With his background you can trust your home will be closely monitored. Jerry was also a K-9 officer and has extensive training in animal nutrition and behavior so you know your pets are in great hands. Prior to starting BLUE POND Bird-Dog & Cat-Fish Pet Sitting, Jerry was a manager in the fourth largest independent pet store in the country and learned a great deal about animal husbandry. He has been the leader of many civic and social organizations dealing directly with animals and their care.

Ann is one of those people that animals love. She has had quite a variety of pets in her life. With their present crew of animals in the home she is prepared for any situation an animal can find itself in.

You have to really love and understand animals to be in this business and Jerry and Ann have devoted their lifetime to animals. They want to insure that every pet is comfortable and secure no matter where it is.

If you have dogs, cats, birds, fish, or even the pocket pets, Jerry and Ann can insure that they will be given the best service at a reasonable rate.